The Power of We

We are currently deep in the process of writing the Fierce Allies book: The Power of We. As we get closer to the book’s release, we’ll share excerpts and updates here.




The Power of We exposes the foundational Fierce Allies concepts and practices and their capacity to liberate our relationships, communities and institutions from cycles of violence, trauma and oppression. This book grounds the Fierce Allies Practice of Change with inspiring quotes and anecdotes from the field, as well as intimate examples from the author’s personal and professional life. Together, these elements offer concrete examples and practices for walking the Fierce Allies talk, responsible embodiment of power, forgiveness, gratitude, accountability, inquiry, trauma healing, and restorative justice.




Conspire: con- ‘together with’ + spirare ‘breathe’


Fierce Allies is a living body of work that evolves when put into play in trainings, coaching sessions, and everyday interactions. As such, The Power of We is being collaboratively generated by lead author, J. Miakoda Taylor and several members of the FA Community of Practice (CoP). By integrating the voices of these conspirators we expose the vast perspectives, experiences, identities, anecdotes and context in which the work can be applied. This offers multiple entry points from which diverse readers can see themselves as members of this community of practice.

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