Ellen Morrison

Coach, Curriculm Steward

Ellen Morrison, LCSW


Curriculum Steward

Chapter Conspirator: The Power of We


Article: The Power of Humility


Soul Studio: Politicized therapist, equity coach and facilitator

Ellen Frances Morrison, LCSW, is aikidoing power as a radical therapist, artivist, facilitator, and martial-artist. Through collaborations with individuals and groups, Ellen interrupts cycles of trauma caused by oppression and catalyzes racial and queer liberation. Her martial arts practice informs her analysis of power as a core element of interpersonal and social change. Ellen integrates this with popular education pedagogy to develop curriculum and facilitate experiential learning that disrupts the conventions of community mental health.

Possessing over twenty years of experience in the mental health field, Ellen also has extensive training in the field of equity, inclusion, and social justice. She has an active consulting and psychotherapy practice and serves on the board of Diversity 2000: a non-profit and community dedicated to the development of diverse social justice leaders, thinkers and practitioners.

Ellen is a trained FA coach, who is stewarding the development of FA curriculum a member of the CoP, and a conspirator in the development of the Fierce Allies book: The Power of We.


Coaching Testimonials

“Ellen always shows up interested, present, calm, loving, open, aware and curious. She listens, creates a safe space for super honest reflection, and always has a way of showing another perspective.”

“I found Ellen to be supportive and validating in this thrashing about, as an openly human, fallible, and dignified being in ardent search of betterment.”

“Ellen gives me the confidence and support to step into possibly confrontational situations so I can make the situations productive and get a positive outcome.”

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