Katrin Welch

Communications Steward

Katrin Welch, MA

Communication Steward 

Other: Radicalized Mental Health Counselor
Spiritualized Social Justice Practitioner

Katrin is a wounded healer navigating chronic illness, and a settler of European descent living in the occupied lands called the United States. She has a conscious commitment to facilitating transformation at the intersection of privilege and historical disembodiment that result in disassociation and lack of accountability.

Katrin has over a decade of experience working as a mental health counselor and advocate for refugees, immigrants, and youth of color impacted by systemic oppression. She utilizes socially just, trauma-informed holistic healing modalities rooted in meditation, mindful movement, and the natural world.

She brings an intimate understanding of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual impact of systemic oppression on those who hold privilege, and has dedicated her being to the collective liberation necessary for the healing of all bodies, hearts, minds and souls.

Katrin stewards the evolution of Fierce Allies written materials and the birth of the Fierce Allies book: “The Power of We”.

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