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J. Miakoda Taylor is a two-spirited descendent of both indigenous people and immigrants to this continent. They are a settler, resettled as a result of choice, slavery, and the trail of tears. Born and raised on Lenni Lenape territory (Brooklyn, NY), they currently reside on Chochenyo/Ohlone territory (Berkeley, CA).

Since founding Fierce Allies in 2009, Miakoda has worked as a coach, trainer, facilitator, mediator, and strategy consultant, with well over 500 leaders, organizations and movements. Their clients/practice partners represent a wide range of sectors including: food justice and food sovereignty, public health, environmental justice, restorative justice, child and family services, indigenous lifeways, technology, immigrant rights, education, land conservation, and criminal justice. Together, Miakoda and these leaders are evolving the Fierce Allies work, expanding its reach, and creating a new road map for intersectional collaborations and coalitions.

Miakoda’s work is informed by deep practice and study in the fields of Restorative Justice, Somatic Trauma Healing, Popular Education, embodied group facilitation and conflict transformation, earth-based spirit consciousness, storytelling, and ritual. They have over two decades of experience as an executive and consultant facilitating leadership development, sustainable organizational change, and conflict resolution with organizations locally, nationally, and internationally, as well as extensive work teaching emotional and social intelligence to incarcerated populations in adult and juvenile facilities in northern California. An award winning photographer, Miakoda has received several fellowships, including a J. W. Fulbright, to conduct photo-ethnographic studies of diverse cultures around the globe. Images from their work, focused on street children and women working as domestic servants in South Africa from 1993-1996, have been exhibited throughout the world, most notably as part of the United Nations World Conference Against Racism and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They are a mother, avid meditator, yogi, and dancer.

Miakoda and their people are: challenged by physical and emotional “disabilities,” victims and perpetrators of oppression and trauma, harmed by and beneficiaries of systemic oppression. They are humbled and proud to call all of these people, all living things, and all of you their relatives. They love and hold themselves accountable to and for the health and safety of all our relations, past, present, and future, two-legged and otherwise.

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