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Events & Resources

Once again, we are hearing that Fierce Allies work is needed now more than ever.
Once again, this work was needed long before now.
It is time we finally get to work.




Reckoning & Reparations Practicum is starting soon: Click here to learn more and enroll

Questions about the Practicum? Sign up for our LIVE Q&A SESSION with practicum trainer, J. Miakoda Taylor on Tuesday September 29, 2020 at 10am PST.



Miakoda unpacks the role of white fragility, its relationship to shame, numbness and rage, and the ways to “keep ourselves on the hook,” in order to participate in the healing of our nation’s deepest wound.

One of the Fierce Allies practices is to claim sole responsibility to judge your character. If you know who you are, you don’t need to defend yourself when people try and shame you. You just have to correct your actions, and let your actions speak for your character. Then, you want the feedback on how your behavior perpetuates systemic racism.”

Flipping the Table – 7/23/20

Find out how Miakoda was REALLY doing as a BIPOC single mom, during the early days of COVID-19 and black murder pandemics, and what they are REALLY needing from white allies

“Figure out how to get yourself ON the hook, until every single living being has the privilege to walk away from discomfort.”

Flipping the Table – 6/11/20

Miakoda deconstructs systemic oppression through the Fierce Allies Practice of Change. (Part 1 and Part 2.) 

“People who have been systemically oppressed understand the harm of abuses of power, and need to leverage that AS power.”

 Flipping The Table – 2/11/19




Shaping Change: Disorientation for a New Orientation:  Miakoda joins Thrive East Bay and the Medicine For These Times Series to share how their work supports change agents to prepare for and choose disorientation as a pathway to change.

“The pain from injury, sickness, emotional hurt, watching your loved ones suffer or get killed.. all pains are sensations of love. If I can recognize every sensation as an expression of love, I’m inspired to want to feel it all as enormously as humanly possible.”


Intersecting Shame, Rage & Healing. Miakoda teaches Ancestral Medicine facilitators how to catalyze shame and rage in personal, cultural and ancestral healing work.


Walking the Talk of Fierce Allyship: Miakoda shares candidly about applying the Fierce Allies Practice of Change on their journey towards motherhood.


Confronting Betrayal at the Gates of San Quentin: The personal story that inspired the creation of Fierce Allies.



The Fierce Allies Wisdom Intensives: Advanced Facilitator Trainings have been a huge success. See the evaluation report to read more.


We are in an ongoing process of converting our materials for virtual application and designing new offerings to address current needs.

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