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Integrated Influences

FA is designed to support people who are pursuing radical breakthroughs in their pursuit of equity and disruption of business as usual. This work is not for the faint of heart or those with a delicate constitution. We call the work Fierce Allies, not Fuzzy Allies for a reason.

This work supports personal and professional development as you center equity and justice in your work and relationships and face difficult decisions, hard conversations, and an increased sense of urgency. It is physically embodied and deals with uncomfortable content. Participants often reap physically, emotionally, and spiritually therapeutic outcomes. However, these services should not take the place of professional medical/mental health services for those with serious conditions.

FA is a way of life, and its development takes sustained engagement. While not required, our services are most effective when offered within a community committed to ongoing practice. The effects are most efficiently felt among participants already steeped in systemic power analysis and committed to building and maintaining resilient and diverse communities where no one is excluded.

Your FA coach or consultant will be your first, best, and most challenging practice partner. They will push you to new edges, as they support you in rigorously and responsibly working with the fear, discomfort, shame, and rage that arise. Your capacity to skillfully navigate all four of these edges will increase, giving you access to a much broader menu of response options.

Mistakes are welcome, expected, and necessary for real learning and growth to happen. If they don’t happen, we are not working outside of your comfort zone and thus not creating real change.

With these values in their hearts, skills in their toolbelt, and experiences in their cells, Fierce Allies practitioners have both the dignity and humility to convert adversaries into allies, and leverage their collective power into institutional and systemic change.

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