Advanced Facilitator Training
& Curriculum Redesign

Advanced Facilitator Training & Curriculum Redesign

The Fierce Allies Advanced Facilitator Training activates leaders and facilitators to infuse their work with Fierce Allies pedagogy, tools, and practices. This training is for you if:

  • You’re an experienced Equity & Justice (E&J) leader that wants to be bolder, more creative, and more impactful with your approach.
  • You’re an experienced facilitator (coach, therapist, consultant, trainer, etc.) hungry to root your work in strong power analysis and E&J sensibilities, making your offerings more welcoming, accountable, empowering, and activating to QTPOC.

Learning Trajectory

There are three levels of development that participants move through. Training to:

  1. Participate in fiercely honest dialogues;
  2. Facilitate fierly honest dialogues; and
  3. Be a Participant-Facilitator of fiercely honest dialogues.

Each level builds on the one before. Members of your team are not required to be on the same track — having individuals engaged at varying levels is actually the ripest environment for learning and growth.

What’s Different About This Training

Facilitators are trained in the Fierce Allies Practice of Change (PoC), which creates highly generative, dynamic, experiential, embodied, interactive, and impactful learning environments. The PoC is rooted in decades of research as well as diligent, thoughtful attention to the use of various pedagogical approaches for effectively engaging diverse learners. This maximizes the impact trainers can have on participants’ thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and group culture. It utilizes a wide variety of visual, kinesthetic, contextual, emotional, and spiritual approaches to learning. In leveraging the PoC, you will position your participants to experience, challenge, question, process, integrate, and adapt what they learn, and become the agents responsible for the depth and quality of their own development.

How This Will Transform How You Lead and Facilitate

As a Fierce-Allies-trained leader/facilitator you will enhance the quality of your facilitative leadership and corresponding ability to activate the intelligence and wisdom already in the room as you steward perspective-altering exchanges.

Individuals and groups informed by Fierce Allies trained facilitators are equipped to:

  • Take greater learning risks and pursue steeper learning trajectories;
  • Develop and apply sophisticated power analysis, question assumptions, participate in fiercely honest dialogues, and activate emotional-social-somatic intelligence;
  • Skillfully utilize strong emotions like rage and shame to actuate meaningful changes in the beliefs and behaviors of themselves and others;
  • Leverage contentious dynamics as catalytic opportunities for building trust across seemingly insurmountable divides;
  • Conduct a conscious accounting of their active and passive participation as victim and offender in the systemic oppression of all people, including themselves;
  • Interrupt business as usual and call each other “in” rather than “out” when harm has been caused;
  • Embrace adversaries as valuable teachers, and uncomfortable feedback as a precious gift;
  • Embody “I don’t know” as a position of power;
  • Cultivate and utilize indigenous and creative intelligence to restore right relationships between ALL our relations.

This approach affords oppressed people the power to skillfully utilize their rage and reclaim responsibility for their own liberation. It invites people with privilege to engage in the struggle of equity and justice from positions other than shame, blame, or hero. It trains both in a body of practices that allows for trust building through fiercely honest dialogue.

The Wisdom Intensive

One of the primary ways we offer this Advanced Facilitator Training is through our 4-day Wisdom Intensive. We have led this program successfully through public/open-enrollment, and as private trainings customized for client organizations. Private Wisdom Intensives are customized to meet the size, budget, and needs of the client, and to match the skill level of those participating. Individual or team coaching can supplement this training or be engaged as a stand alone service.

*The public Wisdom Intensives are currently on hold.

Intensive Curriculum Redesign Services

The application of the Fierce Allies lens to curricula results in significantly more equitable and impactful trainings and participant outcomes.

We support clients to refine their existing curriculum and training materials with deeper roots in: a) popular education and ecopedagogy; b) somatic/embodied & indigenous intelligence; c) values and practices of equity and restorative justice; d) accountability for dynamics of power & privilege (including those within the training/learning environment); and e) group agreements & culture that nourishes innovation, risk-taking, and interrupting business as usual.

Curriculum redesign services enhance both in person and virtual facilitation.

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