Coaching Services

Over the years, leaders and facilitators from various fields have engaged FA coaching services in pursuit of their commitment to going beyond typical DEI frameworks and boldly pursuing more radical equity and justice outcomes.

With fiercely compassionate support, FA coaches guide you through a series of humbling inquiries into your own relationship to power and privilege, positioning you to be an embodied, resourced, accountable, resilient, and sustainable leader and facilitator.

Coaching introduces you to Foundational Fierce Allies tools and/or practices that result in:

“Fierce Allies prioritize relationships – with self, friends, colleagues, superiors, subordinates, families, lovers, adversaries, neighbors, mother earth. . . We are highly effective at self-care, and committed to pursuing win-win solutions – recognizing that our own joy and safety are intrinsically connected to the quality of joy and safety of those around us.”

Emotional-social-somatic intelligence by:

  • Cultivating a deep sense of self-awareness, calm, courage, and creativity in the face of fear, difficulty, and adversity;
  • Slowing down, assessing charged situations, pursuing safety, and preventing harmful acting out;
  • Navigating difference with curiosity, grace, and humility;
  • Accessing a broader menu of responses that embody power-sharing and mutual accountability;
  • Setting, honoring, and rewarding boundaries and limits;
  • Communicating in ways where passion and emotions are valued and translate into deep understanding and meaningful change;
  • Bringing emotional-social intelligence and sophisticated analysis to the ever changing power dynamics at play in relationships.

Disruption of power abuse, oppression, and white-heteronormative-cis gendered-christian-capitalist dominance that:

  • Create false expectations of safety;
  • Place power back in the hands of the oppressor;
  • Excuse privileged folks from leaning into the discomfort necessary for change; and
  • Prevent frontline leaders from claiming power and authority.

As your ability to map and equitably navigate the landscape of power increases, you become more skillful at speaking truth to those who hold power over you and holding yourself accountable to the needs and perspectives of those you hold power over. These practices and sensibilities organically infuse into your organization, transforming the top-down culture, and collectively ensuring that those with less power can safely give feedback, effectively protect what they love, and make their greatest contribution.

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