Consulting & Training

Consulting & Training

Fierce Allies is a relationship-based approach to change. The FA Consulting & Training services facilitate the development of a Community of Practice where members intentionally alchemize and learn from dynamic interactions, risk-taking, and mistakes.

In order to set a winnable course of action, we first Consult – mapping your team’s landscape of goals, needs, resources, opportunities, trust, and power. We then develop a customized plan, drawing on a combination of CoachingAdvanced Facilitator Training & Curriculum, and Consulting services.

The suite of services selected create a catalytic learning environment, within which teams develop greater emotional-social-somatic intelligence, and a capacity to disrupt institutional and systemic power abuse, oppression, and white-heteronormative-cis gendered-christian-capitalist dominance.

Working with Fierce Allies will strengthen your team’s capacity to:

  • Have fiercely honest and compassionate dialogue about difficult content;
  • Make equitable decisions;
  • Operate under urgent circumstances;
  • Hold and be held accountable for the impact of choices on all relations;
  • Become conscious of, responsible for, and skillful at navigating systemic abuses of power;
  • Develop power-sharing relationships where all stakeholders can protect what they love; and
  • Systematize a relationship-centric culture.

The FA approach is based on the following assumptions:

  • Strong relationships are the best insurance for pioneering endeavors;
  • The better the quality of trust within relationships, the more stable and dynamic the environment is for change and innovation;
  • The first thing affected when operating with urgency is the quality of relationships.

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