The JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) Dojo:

Intensive Training, Curriculum Design and Community of Practice for emerging guardians and stewards of equity and justice in the Universe.


A trained guardian and steward of Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) in the Universe


”A place of the Way”; a space for immersive learning and practice

The Calling:

The culminating powers of Capitalism, Oppression and Exploitation are continually igniting further climate chaos and cementing the Empire’s control over all beings on Earth. Life hangs in the balance, and many think it’s too late. Organizations, teams and communities are painfully ill-prepared to respond to the destructive forces metastasizing throughout the galactical body.

Meanwhile, diverse beings from across the galaxy are responding to the call to engage as Guardians of Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) throughout the Universe. If these solitary JEDIs are to steward liberation from the Empire’s dominance and exploits once and for all, they must gather in the JEDI Dojo to train and join forces for centrifugal action.

You are ready for JEDI Dojo training if:

  • The force is strong in you:  You are responding passionately to a call to steward the embodiment of JEDI principles in your community or organization

  • The force wants to get stronger:   Passion and lived experience are not always enough. Formal training, practice and conspiring with peers feels essential to your effectiveness.


Curriculum Overview:

This program draws on the Fierce Allies Practice of Change and curriculum from the Advanced Facilitator  Training  & Curriculum Redesign programs. The model was piloted in collaboration with Rosa Gonzalez , Julian Mocine-McQueen, and Aryeh Shell.

Each Dojo cohort will be limited to 6-8 participants, offering both the customized benefits of coaching services and the amplification that comes from group learning. You will be trained in some foundational FA practices, and have the opportunity to pilot and refine curriculum of your own design. Everyone will have permission to utilize and continue evolving all the curriculum presented and developed, according to the JEDI Dojo Appropriate Usage Agreement. The cohort will be given a template for giving and receiving high impact feedback, which they can utilize well beyond the scope of this learning container.

Areas of practice and training for cohorts to choose from:

  • Personal accountability as a JEDI practitioner:
    • Walking your talk: the ongoing personal work of a JEDI
    • Grappling with the “hero complex”
    • Prioritizing self-care: protecting your most valuable resource
    • Developing JEDI leadership roles that are appropriate for someone of your social positioning
  • Navigating Power:
    • Prioritizing justice so diversity, equity and inclusion can be achieved
    • Centering marginalized perspectives
    • Generating and accounting for power – yours and others
  • Creating Catalytic Learning Environments:
    • Getting radical consent
    • Practicing shame and rage
    • Discerning vulnerability, fragility and safety
    • Navigating the relationship between hurt, harm and healing
    • Designing and refining curriculum for increased impact
  • Utilizing Impactful Pedagogy:
    • Popular Education Pedagogy: catalyzing the wisdom of the people
    • Restorative Justice: prioritizing relationships and leveraging conflict
    • Somatics: activating the emotional-social intelligence indigenous to us all
    • Animism & Intersectionality: Rooted in connection
    • Building the container for collaborative and emergent design
  • Professionalizing Your JEDI Stewardship:
    • Integrating what groups want, need, are ready for, and can afford
    • Appropriate usage vs appropriation of tools
    • Responsibly adapting emotionally evocative tools for  virtual learning
    • Valuing your services: pricing, contracts and agreements
      Valuing your leadership: Demanding adequate compensation and time to steward JEDI work

These are the benefits you will walk away with:


  • Further skills for effective JEDI stewardship:
    • ◆ Strengthened power analysis
    • ◆ Increased emotional-social-somatic intelligence
    • ◆ Increased accountability to indigenous, essential, and frontline members of society
    • ◆ Decreased participation in systemic oppression and exploitation
    • ◆ Developing, refining and customizing JEDI tools
    • ◆ Giving and receiving constructive feedback, and
      Catalytic collaboration
  • Access to collaboratively evolving JEDI tools, practices, and curriculum
  • Development of a JEDI Community of Practice for future learning and engagement


  • GROUP SIZE: 6-8 participants
  • Everyone has a FISHBOWL opportunity (coaching or workshopping a piece of curriculum)
  • SCHEDULE: 2 hour sessions every 1-2 weeks (8 sessions)
  • PLATFORM: Zoom
  • DATES: The pilot program is underway. Sign up on our mailing list to stay informed about future offerings.
  • COST: TBD after completion of the first pilot

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