It is time to reckon with this reality:


  • Efforts to advance equity and justice, without attending to historical harms, are doomed to fail.
  • Just about every organization, individual, and family in the United States has participated in and benefited from the systemic oppression and exploitation of the essential and frontline communities of our economy. 
  • Some have participated and benefited far more than others. Some have had greater choice and agency to not participate, but opted to do so anyway. 
  • Anyone who is not indigenous to this land is a settler, occupying stolen land. 
  • Most of us have been inadequately responding to the demands of indigenous, essential and frontline communities to rectify these harmful patterns. 
  • National reparations, if/when they happen, will attempt to address systemic harms and help future generations. Reparations initiated by organizations, individuals and families are needed to address institutional and interpersonal harms, and affect current generations who are hurting NOW.

If we have any hope of transforming the farcical promise of an equitable future for all people into a reality, we must account for this history, repair the damage, and engage in meaningful reparations. If we don’t do this well and do it now, we will be compounding the historical wounds, adding greater insult to injury, and further corroding the fabric of our communities and premise of our democracy. 


This training is for you if you are:

❖ A self-identified person of privilege

❖ Aware that you, your organization and/or family have been participating in systemic oppression and exploitation

❖ Committed to excavating and transforming the beliefs and behaviors that have  enabled your participation

Resolute about holding yourself accountable for the damage done and the cost of repair

Committed to increasing your capacity to skillfully engage the shame and rage certain to surface as you navigate the above

❖ Invested in building a strong accountability partnership to mutually advance  your commitments to being agents of reparations, equity and justice

These are the benefits participants will walk away with:

 Improved power analysis

 Increased emotional-social-somatic intelligence

Increased accountability to indigeneous, essential and frontline members of society

 Decreased participation in systemic oppression and exploitation

→ Improved capacity to make equitable choices that are accountable to the broadest diversity of stakeholders

 Preparedness to advance reparations

 Competency to steward a strong equity and justice agenda

 A strong, mutually accountable partnership for furthering the work

Reparations Practicum

This practicum integrates the Insight Prison Projects Victim/Offender Education Group (VOEG)  transformational re-education program and the Fierce Allies Practice of Change. These two bodies of work prepare self-identified people of privilege to:

  1. Understand how their beliefs and behaviors lead them to participate in systemic oppression and exploitation
  2. Transform those beliefs and behaviors
  3. Take responsibility for the impact of their participation
  4. Repair the harm caused
  5. Become examples for and stewards of others doing the same

Here is an overview of the agenda:

  • Session 2: SHAME & DIGNITY
  • Session 4: MEMOIR OF POWER
  • Session 5: CYCLES OF HARM
  • Session 6: RAGE & HUMILITY
  • + One 90-minute session with Miakoda per Accountability Partnership (see below)

Enrollment in the 2020 program is currently closed

Customized Programming

Until we offer another public training customized versions of this Practicum are available to groups and organizations committed to collaboratively working towards justice and equity. In this version, you and your team will reap the following benefits:

1) All sessions and all participants will be exclusively focused on developing your group’s reparations strategy.

2) A rich fabric of accountability will be woven between the members of your group, for the process that led to the harm, its impact and the process of repair.

3) Miakoda will impart their extensive experience in Restorative Justice, relationship-based,-strategy for change, emotional-social-somatic intelligence and trauma healing into your reparation strategy. This will ensure that the plan is robust, comprehensive, thoughtful and heartfelt, and the stewards of it are adequately prepared to navigate the strong emotions that are sure to come as you move towards the implementation stage.

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