About Fierce Allies

Fierce Allies is a network of JEDI stewards embodying and catalyzing the Fierce Allies Practice of Change towards JEDI 2.0: Justice, Equity, Decolonization & Intersectionality.

Together we creatively apply this body of work which integrates the fields of: power analysis; equitable decision making, restorative Justice; emotional-social-somatic intelligence; personal-social-ancestral trauma healing; ecopedagogy and experiential and popular education.

Through engaged practice, participants:

  • Deconstruct the systems of power governing their relationships.
  • Reconstruct those systems with organizing models rooted in principles of equity, mutual accountability, distributive leadership, and generative power.
  • Replace cycles of dominance and oppression with cycles of healing.
  • Learn from and attend to contemporary and historical breaches of trust.
  • Birth organizational cultures where diversity is able to harmoniously thrive.

We provide expert coaching, consulting, training, and advanced facilitator training services, where participants develop a hunger and capacity for fiercely honest dialogue with the “other side.” Together, people with privilege engage in the struggle of equity and justice from positions other than shame, blame, and hero, as oppressed people reclaim the power and responsibility for their own liberation.

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