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Conspire: con- ‘together with’ + spirare ‘breathe’.

The Fierce Allies body of work is alive and evolves when put into play in trainings, coaching sessions, and everyday interactions within the Fierce Allies Community of Practice (CoP). As we conspire with each and every client, our method and community are forever impacted. This is an intentional and crucial dynamic of this work.

By working with us, you become a leader within the CoP. This CoP is a thriving, integrated, multicultural network of individual and group leaders embodying the Fierce Allies Practice of Change.


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“I know of no more important work than this for dismantling white supremacy, patriarchy, cis-gendered hegemony, and heteronormative dominance and moving towards a bright future of right relations, reparations, and authentic freedom for all.”

“Fierce Allies has been one of the absolute most transformative, positive personal and professional growth experiences of my life, and a long-time prayer answered. I now feel empowered to welcome fear, discomfort, shame, and rage, not as problematic, but as powerful access points into the work of healing across divides of power and privilege. This work is some of the most important medicine for our times, a profound gift to me, my ancestors, and the ones yet to come.”

“This is when the rubber meets the road, where actual change happens. It is not comfortable and it is the most important thing I’ve ever been privileged enough to do.”

“The way dignity, rage, shame, humility, and embodiment are woven into the practices, is empowering! It gives our bodies, minds, hearts and souls the sensibilities and skills to process, access, and work through the emotions resulting from a white supremacist society.” 

“The Fierce Allies practices are invaluable tools in creating a dynamic and resourced space for deep inquiry into systems of oppression, allowing participants to cultivate dignity as they learn to work skillfully with their shame and rage.”

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