The Need

Society’s long and pervasive history of systemic oppression has left each of us traumatically impacted. We all carry deep and unhealed wounds from our experiences as “oppressed,” “oppressor,” and “bystander.” The resulting landscape is ruled by fear, shame, hyper-aggressive, and hyper-defensive responses. This atmosphere of reactivity continues to deepen the tension between us. It inhibits our ability to effectively engage in the challenging dialogues required to produce meaningful understanding and change.

If we want our vision for a just, equitable, safe, and sustainable world to be realized, then we must replace our culture of dominance, competition, and righteousness with one of power sharing and building, mutual accountability, and collaboration. This is the work of Fierce Allies.

“The success of every social and environmental justice initiative is undermined by the inability to build resilient partnerships across divides of power and difference.”

The Solution

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